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This is an excellent opportunity to have lessons with professional chess coaches. Wherever you are in the world our expert tutors and coaches will help you achieve visible and spectacular results. Our mission at Space Chess is to connect you to these great professionals.

Our particulars

We really teach!
Our students are guided individually by experienced coaches. We do our best to achieve students' goals

We give homework for our students

It's convenient
We create flexible schedule for our students

Reasonable price
Our lessons are from $ 12 per hour. It's a great investment towards a brighter chess future.

Experienced coaches
There are more than 10 coaches in our school. Our coaches deliver quality lessons online, taking into account your needs and goals for the most enjoyable and quick path to take your chess game to the next level.

Regular tournaments and events
Free tournaments for our students every week

How we will improve your chess skills

Analyzing your games
Analysis is considered to be one of the best way to improve a chess player's level. Our coaches help analyze each students' games step by step, explain deep ideas and make instructive comments. Based on this analysis, our coaches give suggestions on how to work further to get better results in the next game.

Studying and improving opening repertoires
Our coaches will give you recommendations to develop your opening repertoir based on your play style and preferences. Studying typical plans and ideas in openings that you play. Selecting and examining the best games of top players.

Studying the middlegame
Typical positions and ideas.
Plans for white and black.
Advice for transitioning your position from the opening to the middlegame and the ending.

Studying the endings
Theoretical positions.
Typical methods of playing in the endgames.

Solving exercises
Tactic and strategic issues, endgame exercises.
Chess puzzles.

Our coaches

Evdokimov Alexander

International Grandmaster since 2005

FIDE trainer since 2020.

2010-2015. President of Astrakhan Chess Federation.

Main achievements:

Champion of the Astrakhan and Saratov regions

Multiple medalist of Russian Chess Championships among youths.

5-time winner of Russian Chess Championship among students.

Winner and medalist of Russian Chess Cup stages among men.

Participant of World and European Championships among youths, the finalist of Russian Championship and Russian Cup among men.

Ruslan Kashtanov

International Master

Experience of coaching - 23 years. Worked as coach in Russia and Singapore.

Author of many articles in 64 chess review magazine and website

Students' Achivements:

Karmanova Olga.
Champion of Europe U12 (2018), Champion of Russia U12 (2019), Champion of Europe rapid U12 (2019)

Chuprova Irina.
Several times champion of Saint-Petersburg, champion of Russia U16

Elena Sokoloskaya

Specialization: teaching young learners

Participator of Russian Youth Chess Championship

Awardee of Regional Chess Competitions, Laureats of Students Team Chess Tournament

Experience of coaching: 6 years.

Alexey Kovalchuk

FIDE Master

Alexey is an active chess player. His highest rating was 2442.

He used to be a champion and prize winner of many Russian chess tournaments.

He's also an author of a few books about chess openings: Playing the Grunfeld and The Modernized Modern Benoni.

His best skills are extensive opening preparations and endgame techniques, as well as his hard work and curiosity in learning about all aspects chess, be it the endgame, opening or middle game.

Shalvi Deshmukh

Prize winning champion of many Singaporean and Indian chess tournaments

Worked as a chess coach and instructor at different chess clubs in India and the US

Specializes in working with beginner and amateur chess students, both children and adults

Stanislav Philippov

Candidate of Master

Multiple winner of Irkutsk region championships.

Experience of coaching: 9 years.

Kamaliya Bulatova

Woman FIDE Master

Winner (2017) and medalist (2014, 2016, 2018) of Russian Youth Chess Championships.

A member of Russian National team on World Youth Chess Olympiad 2018.

European Youth Chess Championship 2018 - the first prize winner.

Kanan Heydarli

International Master

Experience of coaching: 21 years.

Languages: English, Turkish, Russian.

Bojan Lukajić

National Master

Experience of coaching: more 20 years.

Languages: English, Serbian.

Dmitri Gusev

FIDE National Instructor since 2020

Experience of coaching - 2 years.

Author of publications on chess programming and its applications to opening preparation and teaching courses in computer science, computer and information technology.

Co-author of a chess engine.


The price for 1 class is $12-$40. It depends on the coach you choose and the number of lessons you purchase.

Payment options:

Credit cards: pay now

Internet banking
Cashless transfer

Some achievements of our students

Taewoo Kim2 place in Korean Championship (U08)

Arsen Mnatsakanian(Krasnodar region)The first place in Championship of South Federal District. FIDE Master

Talgatov NazarThe second place in Kazakhstan Championship among boys under 10

Галаханова ЭвелинаПобедитель в Первенстве СЗФО по шахматам среди девочек до 13 лет

Наталевич Александра(Камчатка)3 место в этапе детского Кубка России "Кубок Камчатки", март 2019

Шиманская ТатьянаПобедитель в Первенстве Хабаровского края по классическим шахматам до 11 лет, 9 очков из 9 возможных

David Kalimullin(Vladivostok)Победитель The first place in Championship of Far Eastern Federal District among boys under 13

Shishlov AlexanderThe first place in Championship of Leningrad region among boys under 11

Our students' diplomas

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Video of our coaches

Rreview from our students

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